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Nation Forex Signals general question's

We provide 3-6 signals per day in our NATION FOREX SIGNALS VIP channel with 90% accuracy.

Our target is achieving 500-800+ pips every week. We win 7-8 trades out of 10 trades. We aim for 25-30% monthly returns with as little risk and proper money management possible.

Yes, we provide free signals, projections, analysis on our free channel. Visit our free channel on telegram: https://t.me/nationforexsignals

You should always take 1-2% risk per trade. Use this calculator to follow proper risk management: https://www.cashbackforex.com/tools/position-size-calculator

Broker choice depends on your trading style, deposit amount and geological location.

We are working with several brokers. While choosing broker we consider different features like spread, commission, leverage, reputation, support etc.

After doing extensive research on different brokers and years of experience, we would like to recommend best ones to our valued members.

In our opinion,

VantageFX - https://go.vantagefx.com/visit/?bta=43683&brand=vantagefx

These are the best brokers in the industry with the lowest spreads and commissions. These brokers don’t do any market manipulation.

We always encourage you to do your own research and choose the one that match with your trading style and requirements.

(These are referral links, it's your decision to use it or not. Use the referral link if you want to support what we do and trust us.)

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